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Seriously you guys are still here?


And here I thought you’d all forget about me.


I’ve decided to drop this account. If it wasn’t clear to everyone already. I’ll miss playing chel but she’s not doing much of anything and I can’t get in character as much as I used to.

</3 sad face. I deleted the pictures but kept all my text posts so I can look back and cry. lol. 

Thank you for following me while you did, when you did. ♥ You guys were great.

- Katy.

El Dorado



El Dorado is a legendary South American city that is made entirely of gold. The legend arose in the 16th and 17th century along with the rise of the New World. Many people ventured into the wilderness of South America to search for this city, most expeditions ended in death. One explorer got his son killed while searching for the El Dorado. The guilt drove him to suicide.

This legend does have its roots in fact. When Spanish explorers first reached the New World they were told stories by other tribes about a king who had his people throw precious jewels into Lake Guatavita to appease a god that lived beneath the water surface. The Spaniards attempted to drain the lake and found some gold, but could not drain the lake enough to reach the larger quantities of gold that supposedly lay in the deeper waters.

This is a very persistent legend, and many still talk as if this legendary city made of gold still exists. Despite logic dictating otherwise, many want to believe that there is a city made of gold. They want to believe that an opportunity exists for them to find riches beyond their wildest dreams in the form of a long lost city.


who's mozenrath?

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‘That’s Emperor Kuzco to y—What the? Were… Were those tears? Does she really need to do that right here, right now?’ Kuzco’s mind was becoming all jumbled as he watched Chel’s performance play out in front of him. He glanced around the main hall, hoping he would catch any of his numerous servants, but to his surprise and displeasure no one passed. ’Doesn’t she know that she’s practically wasting time with whatever she was being afflicted by. The time of the Emperor isn’t something to be wasted!’ The expression on his face remained at a constant medium between disgust and annoyance. “Fine, fine, just let me call the royal medic,” he was clearly exasperated as he rose his hand, ready to snap his fingers to summon a servant since no one was around the immediate vicinity.

His train of complaints running through his mind was cut short as he felt the sudden tug at his robes; he didn’t even get to snap. “Hey! Hands off, will y—?!” he tried shouting but instead was pulled down with her. He exclaimed as he braced himself before hitting the floor.

Before he knew it, the girl was was crying out in his ear and pressing her shaking body against his own before he had a chance to pick himself back up. “Whooooa, whoa, whoa! N-No! No touchy! Ab-so-luuutely no t-touchy!” he stumbled over his words, trying to back away. Everything was going too fast all at once which was seriously throwing off his groove. He practically jumped a foot in the air the moment her face was close to his, giving him absolutely no time to react.

She gripped the front of his ‘royal’ robes holding him in place. He might be taller but she was probably a lot stronger than this tiny half of a man. For anyone who might walk by, the scene surely didn’t look good on his part. Here he was the emperor on the floor with a woman pressing her body against his. Sure he might be telling her no but that adorable little face of his was so distraught she almost forgot why she was doing this. Almost.

Chel grimaced inwardly but slowly her body relaxed against his and she blinked. “Oh. H-hey you know I think I feel alright now.” and she had him right where she wanted him. “Hmm… you know in this angle you’re kinda cute.” 

She actually giggled which did make her stomach churn from the overly sweet way she spoke. “Look now that you’re here. And quite in a predicament lets make a deal. You be a good little emperor and behave yourself and I won’t go around telling people you forced yourself on me.”

Ironic since she was in fact on him at the moment. One hand came up and placed a finger to his lip shushing him so she could continue. “Believe me when I tell you I am pretty cute when I need to be. You give me what I came for and I’ll be out of your hair.”





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“Whats got your beard all twisted?”

He rose a brow. “As if my mood determines the shape? It’s natural.”

“Oh.” she gave a shrug. Poor thing. “So uh, what do you want?”

“Nothing in particular. You initiated the conversation. Perhaps it’s something other than the beard?” He gave her a curious look, wondering where the younger woman might be from.

"Oh no I didn’t you’re the one who made himself known. So- by default you initiated the con-ver-sa-tion." she gave him a smug look and crossed her arms over her ample chest. "You can look all you want but I’m not buying whatever it is your selling."

omfg i want to watch el dorado so badly hjkfshfk



beard-is-so-twisted liked your post: Oh Look I’m On

“Whats got your beard all twisted?”

He rose a brow. “As if my mood determines the shape? It’s natural.”

"Oh." she gave a shrug. Poor thing. "So uh, what do you want?"

beard-is-so-twisted liked your post: Oh Look I’m On

"Whats got your beard all twisted?"

Oh Look I’m On
I fucking Love El Dorado